Covid-19 Prevention Policy

Simple rules for everyone’s safety

Due to the Anti-covid19 law, the restaurant can host max 70 guests and max 6 guests per table


The Green Pass is not required anymore for EU citizens.
For more information, please visit the this page


Entering our reception you’ll find:

  • Hand sanitizer (we advise to sanitize your hands frequently)
  • Disposable Gloves (it isn’t mandatory to wear gloves and sanitizing is still required)
sala ristorante con distanziamento

Dining Hall

Rules in our Restaurant:

  • 1 Meter distance between the tables
  • Cutlery and napkins are not prepared on the table (They will be brought after the arrival of the guest)
  • Digital Menu or easy-to-sanitize Menu (we advise to look at our Menu on the website directly on your smartphone. Remember: the wi-fi is free everywhere in our Hotel)
  • All the staff wears masks (and frequent hand sanitizing)
  • The mask is not mandatory anymore in the wholw Hotel
  • Our Restaurant can host max 70 guests

Sanificatore per ambienti


In addition to the usual surfaces and equipment cleaning, all the rooms and halls are sanitized using an atomizer and a specific virus and bacteria killing product.
This way we can assure the hygiene of all the rooms and halls of our Hotel.