Our Specialties

Gnocchi con la fioretta deco

Fioretta Gnocchi DE.CO. (Town Denomination)

Delicate and authentic taste, prepared using the original recipe: the dought is prepared with Fioretta, wheat flour, salt, and it lays for a long time. The Gnocchi are cooked in abundant water and dressed with alpine cottage butter, resulting the typical delicate taste. The use of only quality ingredients from the alpine cottages of Recoaro makes thi dish unique and special.

Gnochi con la Fioreta DE.CO.
polenta e baccala alla vicentina

Baccalà alla Vicentina

Specialty from the city of Vicenza, prepared using the passed on recipe by several generations, and served with roasted polenta.
The dry Baccalà (salted codfish) remains in the water to rehydrate it and to cancel the strong fish flavour; then it is slowly cooked for hours with milk, olive oil and spices: this preparation makes the fish tender and the flavour eccelent..

ristorante al castello recoaro

Sarde in Saor

Specialty from Venice, it’s a cold appetizer. The “Saor” (=Flavour) is a preparation used in many recipes coming from Venice and it takes some time: the sardines are fried and then sit at least 2 days with chopped onion and vinegar, so the flavours mix. Despite of the simpleness of the recipe, it has a strong flavour, which brings the venetian tradition to mind.

Bigoli co l’Arna

It’s a pasta first course. Bigoli are similar to spaghetti, but have a wider diameter. The sauce is made using duck meat and it is traditional in the city of Vicenza. Once, the bigoli were prepared using a special tool, called “torcio”, which is a manual press with a die plate, whose big holes give the dought the typical shape of the bigoli. The homemade dought is made using wheat flour and eggs. The duck ragout is made without tomato, but it contains butter and olive oil, slowly cooked for many hours. The duck meat becomes tender and its flavour is enhanced by the long cooking.

sala ristorante al castello recoaro

Barcarola’s liver (ONLY if booked)

Course of the Venice tradition

Tripe of Grandpa Remo

This recipe was passed on by grandfather Remo Camposilvan, who personally prepared the tripe for the guests of Al Castello. Today his recipe amazes and delights the tradition-lovers, and them, who are fond of tripe with tomato sauce.

sala da pranzo al castello

Torta Putana

Literally “whore cake”, it is a typical dessert in this valley, but it’s known in the whole region Veneto with different names and recipes. It is a short cake, made using breadcrumbs, milk, sugar, raisin, apple and grappa. Traditionally it was made using left-overs, due to the saying “nothing must be thrown away”. 

Apple Pancakes

Home recipe, as good as simple. The dought with slices of apple is fried and served hot.


Risotti are an eccelent first course and therefore have a special section in our Menu.
Here you can find some Risotti, but in our menu you’ll find many more, depending on the seasonal products.

risotto durello e rosmarino

Durello and Rosemary

Durello is a wine from Vicenza, produced with the Durella grapes and known for its fresh and sour tone. The freshness of this wine is perfect with the mediterranean flavour of the rosemary.

Risi e Bisi

Traditionally it’s broth, rice and peas, but in our restaurant we serve it as a risotto, enhancing its flavours and making it an option even during the hot season.

Guinness Risotto

This recipe reminds of Ireland, where Guinness beer is produced and it’s famous for its black colour and its bitter flavour, with hints of coffee and liquorice, giving this risotto a unique taste.

Honey and Currant Risotto

This risotto has a slightly sweet flavour due to the honey, but it is balanced by the sour of the currant. The resulting flavour is fresh and surely to be tasted.